The School.


At TFS Design Lab we think of training more then just as a after thought. We have been running clinics, Day camps and training riders one on one for over 20 + years. Working with everyone from the new beginner riders to top AA pro main makers.


Let one of are coaches work with you or your rider to set up a tailor made program to help them reach there full potential!  We use all the latest technologies at are disposal. Along with real life racing experience to create plans that are geared for each individual rider.


Not a blanket that you just follow like a penguin off to swim in the water !


Info on

Clinics, day camps, Sprint training, One on one training

& General BMX conditioning



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Just some of the many riders who have benefitted from going to school.

Caleb M

Tyler H

NIck C

We're not re-making the wheel just yet, but we are making the parts you connect yours to a whole lot better !

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