- Cnc’d tfs butted steerer, made with TFS exclusively designed reinforcing process    Small gun rifeling (SGR)


- Post welded heat treated


- Triple butted chromoly tapered legs on Pros lite & Pro Cru lite


- Double butted tapered legs on Ext lite 1" fork.


-  Make your own luck clovers water jet cut outs on 4mm thick machined dropouts.


- Threaded 7075 aluminum top cap with tfs logo etched on. *on pro forks


- Ext lite fork 20x 1 come in black only


- Pro lite & Pro Cru lite forks  20x 1 1/8 &  24 x1 1/8

 come in chrome or black

S6 Pro lite Ext lite Project 6 S6 crmo forks

Sugested retail

Black $139.95

CP $ 149.95

Pro 1.13 oz  & 848 g


Ext lite 1.8 oz & 693 g

We're not re-making the wheel just yet, but we are making the parts you connect yours to a whole lot better !

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