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TFS Response Frame Sets.


Designing this frame we went back to the basics. We looked at what the modern riders needs to get around todays current tracks.

Pin point handling:

Each frame size, angles, length, even weight was looked at to accommodate riders of different sizes. No making one bike and just make it longer or shorter for everyone here !


No power robbing frame flex:

Our tube sets are custom made for us, utilizing trapezoid's on the top tube. At the head tube and seat mast these allow us to have a stiffer front triangle.

lOn the rear triangle we modified the seat stays to what we call G-stays. Tubes we had made into D shapes, gave it s box’ish chain stays, add a well thought out braces that allows for some frame dampening on bumpy tracks while keeping power robbing flex at bay.

Finally we made the bike more compact with tighter triangles. All this to make it harder for your frame to sway side to side (flex) when landing on one wheel, pinning it wide open, railing though a turn or jumping though super cross rhythm sections.



Frames are crafted in North America using USA 6061 made seamless tubing. We could have cut corners going with cheaper tubing, cheaper welders, even cheaper paint but then again you can already buy a lot of frame that are cheap. We are making it so you can buy something good for your hard earned money that going to last



You don't know us by sight yet but you will ! The low compact frame, the unique cut out seat stay brace and the high quality workmanship of the frame all scream at you from across the filed.

Kind of like looking at a high end sports car though the window. It just says fast and responsive even when sitting still !



When people ask you how you have gotten faster. Look them in the eyes and say, it was easy show them your Response!

It is the new fast!

We're not re-making the wheel just yet, but we are making the parts you connect yours to a whole lot better !

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